Daun´s Deli will be closed for a while as we have relocated, more update soon.

Daun´s Deli is all about home cooked food, healthy options of classic dishes with inspiration from Scandinavia, mainly Sweden.

Using seasonal and local ingredients Daun´s Deli offer dishes like Lasagna, Moussaka, Brunch and the Sunday favourite Scandi inspired Roast tray for two-three people.
Other Scandi dishes like Swedish Creamy Potato salad with Dill, and a vide range of Deli items; Quiches, Salads and spreads like Beetroot Hummus, Tofish, No Tuna Mousse, Pesto and Mayo.
With decent prices, minimum order is £20 including home delivery*.

Catering for any occasion: having a social distancing picnic or BBQ, family dinner, anniversary, birthday or wedding.

Comfort Food from Deliveroo, like the popular Jumbo Hot Dog, Cheeze Toasties or Nachos.

Normally once a month at Bottle Bar and Shop, Catford.

Usually a regular at Catford Food Market but took a break when started up inside Catford Mews, will most likely be back at the next market which will be announced.

Email: for orders and an up-to-date menu, or to discuss a catering.

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When & Where

Based in Catford, food to order for home deliveries. Delivery normally on Tuesday, Friday and Sunday or after agreement.

OPENING HOURS ON DELIVEROO (closed during delivery in the evenings)
Monday 12noon-8pm
Tuesday 12noon-8pm
Wednesday 12noon-8pm
Thursday 12noon-8pm
Friday 12noon-9pm
Saturday 12noon-9pm
Sunday 12am-8pm (Normally close atm)

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Daun’s Deli is created by Rickard Daun from Linköping, Sweden. Growing up in a large family with a mum who worked as a childminder, Rickard’s passion for cooking was sparked at an early age. A big chunk of his childhood was spent in the kitchen, watching and learning from his mother, Inglis, as she cooked, baked, and made preserves. Everything was done from scratch and often using ingredients sourced from the family’s own backyard.

His adherence to Inglis’ philosophy of cooking without shortcuts served him well when he became a lakto-ovo-vegetarian in the late 90’s as there weren’t many prefabricated alternatives around, especially not in the suburbs of a small city. If you wanted a burger you made it yourself and so on. 

About 3 years ago, shortly after moving to London, Rickard switched to a completely plant based diet. This was partly out of ethical and environmental concerns, but also out of concern for his own health. After struggling with a bloated and upset stomach for many years, trying out various diets and avoiding different products, he finally found something that worked.

Daun“The drastic change to my health is something I want others to experience, there are many benefits to cutting down on or completely avoiding dairy products and processed food and it should not be boring or hard. You should be able to eat and enjoy good food without feeling you leave something out. I want to simplify recipes and without any professional education I cook food and dishes that anyone can make at home to enjoy on a daily basis.”

In May 2018 Rickard started Daun’s Deli and took part in the Catford Food Market. Since then, Catford has been his only regular market, but he has also done markets in Greenwich and East Dulwich, as well as the Supernormal music festival this summer. Additionally, he has catered for weddings meetings, video shoot and concert venues, and held a monthly supper club at Bottle Bar and Shop in Catford.

Supper club

Check out Daun’s Deli’s page on Happy Cow for some (glowing) customer reviews, and read more of Rickard’s thoughts and plans in these interviews from The Catford Chronicle and on the Catford Mews website.

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